Haley House, The South End

Last week Jenna and Claire went to visit Haley House, a shelter located in Boston’s South End. They met with Sister Linda, who showed them all around the premises and explained how the shelter works. Haley House has two locations: a Bakery Cafe and a Soup Kitchen/Live-In Residences. They have a variety of programs including Community Tables, a pay-what-you-can dinner service, an urban garden, and housing. Haley House’s mission focuses on skills training, providing affordable housing, and “wholesome nourishment for body, mind and spirit.” Claire and Jenna cannot wait for volunteers and staff to see all that Haley House has to offer!

Jackson-Mann Elementary School

On Monday, Urban went to Jackson-Mann Elementary School, where they looked at where volunteers would be helping paint a mural and clean up a playground. Guided by Sergeant Mike O’Hara, Jeffrey and Lindsey walked the perimeter of the school, seeing the amazing murals painted by Urban Engagement in past years. Students who were taking ASL summer classes were elated to see us planning volunteer work and signed us goodbye!

Medfield Animal Shelter, Medfield

This is Medfield Animal Shelter. And yes the photo is a picture of a cat butt. 
Hey Fysop! Today your Animal Coordinators went to Medfield Animal Shelter. This small shelter takes in dogs, cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs and helps them to find loving homes. At the shelter you will have the opportunity to help with the daily maintenance of the shelter as well as socialize with the dogs and cats. Get excited for FYSOP 25 Animals!    

ReVision Urban Farm, Dorchester

ReVision Urban Farm is an innovative community-based urban agriculture project that grows produce in its own fields and provides access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food to residents of the ReVision Family Home and the extended community. In association with ReVision Family Home, they provide job training for youth and Boston’s homeless.

Black Feather Horse Rescue, Plymouth

Today Animals coordinators Ali and Zoe went on a site visit to Black Feather Horse Rescue in Plymouth MA. Black Feather is run by an incredible woman named Darlene, who is the primary caregiver for over a dozen horses, 2 donkeys, llamas, chickens and also helps to increase the local fish population through hatching. Black Feather cares for and loves retired service horses, abandoned horses, and sick horses and truly is an incredible site. Get excited for FYSOP 25 Animals.