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What is FYSOP?

First Year Student Outreach Project

Simply put, the week-long program offers incoming Boston University students an unique opportunity to transition into their new environment through community service around Boston before classes begin. While participants engage in service in one of the eleven issue areas, they gain knowledge regarding all of the issues at hand, foster new friendships, and become global citizens of the Boston University community.

Get a head start in leadership.

Are you currently a freshmen, sophomore, or junior? Your amazing summer opportunity awaits for you. Through FYSOP, not only will you have the opportunity to take charge and make an impact for the incoming first-year students, but also gain important skills in management and collaboration by working with the summer leadership team at Boston University. We currently have the following positions open:

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Incoming Boston University student?

Congratulations! You made a great choice to attend such a prestigious University committed to academic and athletic excellence. You will no doubt see how BU will provide you with an invaluable experience during your time here. What better to complement your transition than with the First Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP). During the week long experiential program, you will not only meet other incoming students, but also become a part of the larger community through service work around the Greater Boston region.

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