Ripples of Hope

Ripples of Hope is a non-profit organization which brings families, communities and leaders together with the understanding that we are more alike than we are different. We strive to inspire and support the next generation of leaders by helping young people discover their leadership potential while leading service teams. By identifying leaders, Ripples becomes a catalyst for propelling communities forward thus planting the seeds for greater change.

City Growers

We work with our community partners to secure land in the city for growing food. Imagine the positive impact of converting abandoned city lots into thriving green farms. That is City Grower’s vision. City Growers is contributing to the new green economy in communities where economic revitalization is needed most. In the coming years, we will create a checkerboard of productive green space in Boston’s inner city where local growing talent thrives.

Natick Community Farm, Natick

Hunger visited Natick Community Farm! Rebecca particularly appreciated that the farm’s diversity reflected their vision thus far, following food throughout its complete life cycle, from seed to fork. Sights and sounds of the farm included bunnies, chickens, a mama pig just about to give birth, corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, flowers, a compostable outhouse, an adobe brick oven, and sunflowers galore!

The Male Center, Boston

#GF site visit to The Male Center! They are helping to bring HIV/AIDS awareness to the greater Boston area. They have been pivotal in reducing the amount of new HIV patients in MA which is down 52% from last year. That’s amazing. #gogfgogfgo

LifeBridge, Salem

Claire and Jenna took a drive to Salem, MA on Tuesday to visit LifeBridge. LifeBridge is a multifaceted organization that strives to help those living with homelessness by offering supportive services as well as stable housing. The organization serves three meals a day to tenants in the shelter, as well as anyone in the Salem area who is hungry. They serve over 225 meals a day- 7,000 meals monthly! They also offer transitional beds which allow for short-term housing, as well as maintain the Seeds of Hope affordable housing unit. Tenants in Seeds of Hope still receive Lifebridge services, but are working towards an independent lifestyle. LifeBridge also runs a Thrift Shop, which offers clothing to guests free of charge. We cannot wait to work with this wonderful organization!

City Natives, Mattapan



Urban Co’s Jeffrey and Lindsey took their first trip to Mattapan this morning, bright and early at City Natives community garden. They explored greenhouses flourishing with baby lettuce, discovered the novelty of a man-made beehive, adventured beneath a canopy of beech trees, and enjoyed the fragrance of fresh thai basil perfume as our site contact Michelle snipped herbs to dry out.

Boston Youth Conservation Corps and adults with developmental disabilities are just some of the various groups of volunteers who often have a helping hand in making the farm grow. Similarly to our other urban farming sites, all of the fresh produce is donated to local food pantries. We can’t wait for our volunteers to contribute to this beautiful garden!

Northampton Rooftop Garden, Boston

Urban Engagement coordinators Jeffrey and Lindsey just visited Northampton Rooftop Garden, just adjacent to the Boston Medical Center, a plot of land completely covered with flourishing vegetables and flowers growing in 18” of soil atop the parking garage of the Boston Public Health Commission. It was the first rooftop garden that Urban has visited, and they were pleasantly surprised! Eggplant, lettuce, zucchini, cabbage, onions, string beans, cherry tomatoes were just a few of the amazing veggies growing up in the sky.

What’s awesome about this site is that all of the produce is donated to the Preventative Food Pantry in the Boston Medical Center, other local food pantries and residents of public housing nearby. This is the garden’s 5th year (just as old as the Urban Engagement Issue Area is!).